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Gopal Krishnan

Founder and Chairman

Ninestars - India

View Gopal's Solo Interview - Released August 6th

Gopal has been an entrepreneur in media and publishing tech for more than two decades. In 1999, he co-founded Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a tech-driven digital content transformation company. In 2006, Gopal co-founded Ad2pro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a hub for design and technology services. In 2017, he co-founded Madras Global, a Global Brand Commerce Agency. Gopal is driven by the potential of digital transformation at scale for businesses across industries. He believes the future of organizations with content-rich ecosystems is intrinsic in their ability to embrace a digital culture. His vision is to disrupt the status quo with tech-led innovation and navigate exponential growth - from ‘finite to infinite’.  His personal interests include love for yoga and community service through charitable affiliations. What keeps him motivated is the desire to make a difference in people's lives by creating employment and opportunities to grow.  Gopal’s academic credentials include Driving Strategic innovation Certified ‘C’ level from MIT Sloan, Building and Sustaining a Successful enterprise, Masters in Human Resource Development, and Bachelor of Science from Loyola College. 

Ninestars is a content tech partner to leading organizations in media, media monitoring and measurement, publishing, libraries & archives, information technology and public sector, among others. We help businesses unlock digital value of content through bespoke services and platforms that seamlessly integrate with their existing tech environments. We bring scale and superior quality of digital content and deliver it on any relevant format or media in more than 50 languages. From archive digitization to data augmentation and newsroom analytics, our solutions are differentiated by ease of implementation, cost-effectiveness and smart technology – automation, AI, ML, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Stavros Vologiannidis

Co-founder, DataScouting

View Stavros' Solo Interview - Released July 30th

Stavros Vologiannidis is one of the founders of DataScouting and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer, Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering in the International Hellenic University. His research interests include robotics, control, machine learning, and systems theory.  

DataScouting is a software development company committed to providing robust and scalable software solutions to companies and organizations for Print, Broadcast and Online media monitoring by using technologies such as text, image and video analytics, speech recognition and machine learning.  

Ilia Krustev

CEO, A Data Pro


View Ilia's Solo Interview - Released July 28th

As CEO of A Data Pro, Ilia has built a world-class management team and successfully led the company for more than 10 years. Combining extensive expertise and a strong passion for media, business intelligence and new technologies, the A Data Pro group of companies now comprises its flagship A Data Prо and is closely working with Southeast Europe’s leading business intelligence provider SeeNews, media monitoring and analysis agency – Perceptica, global renewable energy intelligence service Renewables Now and, as of 2016, Identrics – the group’s dedicated AI and automation hub. 

Ilia is a serial entrepreneur with wide-ranging business interests, as well as a vocal advocate for sustainable and innovative business practices. As such, he is the driving force behind A Data Pro's participation in the global education initiative of AMEC, the international association for measurement and evaluation of communication. Under his leadership, A Data Pro has also become a key partner to Bulgaria’s largest universities. 

He holds an MBA from Cotrugli Business School, certification in Global Management and Leadership from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and specialised in SME Human Resources Development at Tokai University. He also serves as Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Innovation, Business Excellence, Services and Technology (AIBEST). 

A DATA PRO offers integrated services across various segments on the global data and content processing market since 1999. We can deliver any type or combination of services across the entire information value chain and in virtually any language and geography, which enables us to offer bespoke service, tailored to adequately meet any requirements and customer expectations – from building a specific data set, through source management, indexing of content, search-string and taxonomy building, to writing reports, conducting business intelligence analytics and due diligence.  

The language landscape, combined with research, analytical and editorial expertise are complimented by the tech achievements of A DATA PRO’s own R&D hub, driven by engineers and data scientists with industry knowledge and understanding. Starting from content aggregation, clusterisation and classification tools, relying on machine learning, natural language processing and/or combination of those, now heading towards deep learning, we have at our disposal solutions, which can be incorporated at any and every stage of the content life-cycle, allowing us to dramatically improve turnaround times. The flexible solutions for content aggregation, indexing, and enrichment we offer are easily integrated with/across clients’ systems, they are designed to accommodate various projects and system requirements and to easily communicate with others. The innovative technologies at hand can be customized in a way that allows easy plugging into any external process. 

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Carlos A Diaz

General Manager

GlobalNews Group - Argentina

View Carlos' Solo Interview - Released August 4th

Carlos A. Diaz is General Manager and a Member of the Board of GlobalNews Group, with more than 360 employees, offices in 10 Latin American Countries and in the US and more than 3000 clients, including 100 Fortune500 companies, GlobalNews is the main Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation and Insights company in Latin America. 

Carlos has over 10 years of experience in information gathering, measurement and evaluation services. He has helped acquire and develop the methodologies, tools and skills necessary to extract meaningful information from huge amounts of structured & unstructured data at GlobalNews group.  

Carlos is deeply committed with the promotion of proper measurement practices that approximate the true value of communications and currently chairs AMEC’s Latin American Chapter. 

He also has a background in IT entrepreneurship, having founded three different startups related to the media and information sectors (the last one resulting in a successful acqui-hire by GlobalNews Group) since the age of 18. 

In his current position, he has spearheaded four Major acquisitions in 2017 and 2018 (Reporte Informativo, Foco, Keywords and ManagementPress) and has re-structured GlobalNews’ insights department as part of the current strategical growth objectives of the company, as well as entered into the Ecuatorian and Chilean Markets, becoming the second largest player in each market in less than a year. He has championed the re-organization of an industry that is more than one hundred years old from manual, human intensive processes into specialized high value-added human processes that are helped by heavy investment in artificial intelligence and allow the live monitoring and analysis of thousands of media outlets and millions of social media posts. 

Carlos is a self-professed gamer, who programs in his free time for his personal pet-projects (currently really into Open Source Home Automation), plays Rugby in the Buenos Aires Rugby Union, and is an avid skier. 

GlobalNews Group, founded in 1999 Buenos Aires, Argentina by Maria Laura Garcia has grown to become the main Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation, and Insights company in Latin America.  

With offices in 10 Latin American Countries and in the US and more than 3000 clients, including 100 Fortune500 companies, GlobalNews is the only MMO that can cover the complete Latin American media landscape. 

From Mexico, all the way to the Falkland islands, including an extensive coverage of South America as well as a comprehensive coverage of the Caribbean, going as far as nonconventional markets such as Cuba, Haiti and Curacao, GlobalNews covers more than 10k traditional media outlets, as well as almost 100k digital media outlets. 

GlobalNews has been a pioneer in extending the professionalization of PR in Latin America and to date is the only Latin American company to have ever won Gold Awards as well as Platinum Grand Prix at the yearly AMEC Awards for Measurement and Evaluation practices, including 2020’s AMEC Communications Research & Measurement Team of the Year (medium). 

Lilia Glazova


PR News - Russia

View Lilia's Solo Interview - Released July 28th

Lilia Glazova started her career at the Moscow Foundation for the Promotion of Parliamentary System and Social Information in 2001. She then worked as a Head of Monitoring and Analytics at PRP Weber Shandwick from 2002 to 2005. She joined PR News in 2005 in the position of Head of Analytics and was promoted to CEO in 2007. 

Lilia holds a degree in sociology from the Moscow State University and a degree in economics from the Russian State Open Railway Transport University. She completed an MBA course at the Katz School of Business, University of Pittsburgh in 2014.  

On March 13, 2020 members of the Russian Association of PR Consultancies (AKOS) which is the Russian branch of ICCO elected Lilia Glazova chairwoman of the association for 2020-2022. She is also a member of the Russian Public Relations Association. Nominee for Russia’s Media Manager of the Year 2015 and in 2019 Lilia is ranked on Russia’s Top 1,000 Managers in Executives, Services. 

Gives lectures at several leading universities in Moscow. Regular attendee at industry events including the Baltic Weekend,PR Russia Forum, Russian Association of Communications and Corporate Media Executives Digital Communications in Russia. Regular judge at industry competitions and awards including the Crystal Orange Awards and Silver Archer Awards.  

PR News, based in Moscow, Russia is a leading communications research company offering a full range of media monitoring and analysis, communications research, and consulting services. We have grown our business by constantly improving the quality of service, expanding expertise across a variety of areas, and using the latest data technology and individual approach to clients. PR News is a client-oriented company with a flexible approach to finding solutions that values long-term partner relations with clients.

Fady El-Murr

Co-founder and Member of the Board

pressrelations - Germany

View Fady's Solo Interview

Fady is a member of the management board and one of pressrelations founders. Since 2001 he has been part of the media monitoring and analysis company based in Germany. He collaborates with the business development and strategy team in the areas of product development and international operations. Fady holds a degree from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and is an active member of Düsseldorf’s lean community. 



We are an international service provider for cross-media monitoring and analysis services. We combine in-house technology with human expertise and deliver practical guidance and insights to over 500 customers across the globe. On top of that, our systems are being used as a white label solution by media monitoring companies worldwide.  

Today with 180 employees in four German cities – Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Berlin, a subsidiary in Bulgaria and USA, and sales representatives in Ireland, Singapore, and Russia, pressrelations uses its strong network and market understanding to provide clients with actionable insights. Furthermore, pressrelations is an active member of FIBEP, the world’s media intelligence federation, BVDW, the German Association for the Digital Economy and DPRG, the German Association for Public Relations.

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