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Thank you all for attending the 2022 FIBEP Spring Summit in Athens.


The Copyright session was led and moderated by Christophe Dickès, Global Media & Copyright Direct, Onclusive. The Sales session was led and moderated by Steffen Egelund, CEO of Media Track and the Tech session led by Sophia Karakeva, Chief Communications Officer at DataScouting. Todd Murphy, CEO at Universal Information Services led the Networking session.


The FIBEP Spring Event was a combination of an in-person and hybrid format.

Thank you to Headline Sponsor is DataScouting for this event.

Thank you for the special museum tour by Media Track on Sunday.


Thank you to Enimerosi for hosting an optional dinner for all attendees and their guests on the 28th of March to get together after such a long time in a relaxed environment, to enjoy Greek food and relaxed moments.


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A Field Guide to Habits of Thought in Media Analysis 

Elina Halonen.png

The world of media analysis is getting more complex with increasing pressure on deadlines and deliverables. Combined with the rising tide of fake news, this is an environment where the human mind can be easily side tracked because cognitive errors are more likely when we are stressed or dealing with large amounts of information.  

Habits of thought like cognitive biases affect journalists and their sources through what is seen as news and how it’s reported and how stories are shaped by assumptions and mental shortcuts. Mental frameworks influence the perspective from which a person sees the world - social norms tell us what is normal and schemas direct our focus to what we consider important. 

Habits of thought also influence the media analyst when they are gathering, sorting, deciphering, interpreting and assessing information. If we want to achieve accuracy and fairness, we need to first understand how our minds filters, organizes and interprets information as well as when and how it might be more prone to fill in the gaps.  

This talk will take you through the inevitable attentional blind spots of a fast-paced media landscape, help you understanding your own mind better and give you cognitive debiasing strategies to implement in your everyday work.  

Elina Halonen is a leading expert in behavioural insights and strategy. With 15 years of experience in consumer insights and advanced degrees in Marketing, Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Psychology, she uses her data detective skills to help companies improve their products, services and customer journeys with the data already have.   

After a decade at the helm the pioneering behavioural insights consultancy she co-founded, she now works with companies across industries to guide them on behaviour change and behavioural design. As a founding member of the London Behavioural Economics member since 2012 and a certified member of the Global Association for Applied Behavioural Science, she is passionate about bringing together academia and the practitioner world.  

Dominique Lebreton .png

Crisis monitoring / ESG / Digital transformation with a focus on ESG 

Previously, I have spent 8 years in the French office of Thomson Reuters as a sales rep in charge of a portfolio of international key accounts. Then I joined the Sales Dept of Kantar Media in France where I managed a team in charge of developing international key accounts. Nearly 3 years ago, I have joined Cision in France.  
Among other duties, I head a department of pre-sales experts, and develop key public and private accounts to help them preserve competitiveness and increase their international reach. 
This role includes being international projects and sales operations coordinator for Cision Western Europe.

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klemens ganner.png

Klemens Ganner is executive board member of APA – Austrian Press Agency, a cooperative owned by the national Austrian media. He is in charge of „APA-Comm“, the business unit which adresses the PR & communication business within APA-group. Since 2016 he is CEO of 100% subsidiary „APA-DeFacto“, the leading media monitoring company in Austria with 150 employees. APA-DeFacto runs one of the biggest German-speaking media databases with more than 1 million news items added every day. 1.000 clients are using APA-Comm services on a regular basis. Klemens Ganner studied economics and business in Vienna and has worked in a variety of positions within APA-group. 

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Brian Merron.png

Tech & Human: "Striking the Perfect Balance" 

Integrating new technology solutions into your business can look easy on paper - but it presents some tricky challenges in finding the right blend between technology's lower cost, higher speed, and greater scale - and human expertise, experience, and insight. Let's consider some of these challenges. 

Brian Merron is Global Sourcing & Monitoring Director at CARMA. He has over 25 years' experience working for leading international companies across the Media Intelligence sector (TNS, Kantar, Newton, CARMA)  

With a strong track record in change management, Brian has driven several successful operational modernisation and cost efficiency projects, delivering best fit of leading technology solutions with legacy market knowledge and expertise.  

 A specialist in international media monitoring, Brian has developed a number of innovative and efficient monitoring & editorial services and products to the full spectrum of MMO clients, from SME to Enterprise level.  

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Stavros Vologiannidis.png

Human-AI Interaction in Media Intelligence

With a point of view from outside the industry, Martin will put into question the relevance of media intelligence services for the non-profit sector, using the example of an NGO currently on the frontlines of supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom. He will also reveal how his organisation gathers information crucial to their work of defending victims of human rights abuses, how media monitoring won’t cut it, and how disinformation gets in the way. 

Stavros Vologiannidis has received his BSc degree in Mathematics (1997) and his PhD in Control Systems and Computer Aided Control System Design, from the Department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. His research interests include Control Systems, Machine Learning and Robotics. He has co-authored 36 research papers published in refereed international journals and conferences. He has co-founded DataScouting and oversees business development and innovation, coordinating a global business development network and planning research projects and strategic collaborations. 

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Vladimir Petkov.png
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Tech Trends and Challenges in the Media Intelligence Industry 

Nowadays, the media intelligence industry works in tandem with technology. We are confronted with a number of challenges because, in today's world, everything is communication and anyone can be a communicator. Social media, along with podcasts and video content that is flooding the market, is a game changer. There are technical challenges associated with detecting fake news and hate speech, entity resolution, and entity linking. 
What are the latest developments in content sharing formats? Are podcasts the "new black," and what other trends can we observe? 
Vladimir Petkov will present an overview of the current hot trends and challenges in media intelligence technologies. 

Vladimir's professional path has been some kind related to data and innovation. He has about 6 years of experience in digital media and business development, gained at Economedia, Bulgaria’s top news publisher. After that, he continued his journey at A Data Pro, a global company specialising in content, data and business intelligence services, as a Chief Technology Officer. Since 2016, Vladimir has been CEO at Identrics, and now he is also Chief Data Officer at the newly established business community of Updata One.  
Besides his professional life, Vlado is a podcast producer and host and delivers lectures on online business and digital media-related topics at various universities. 

Simon Ernst-Sunne.png

Simon is the CEO of Opoint. Simon has more than 10 years of experience within the media intelligence industry. He is experienced within Data-, Product- and Market Innovation. The later years he has focused on the media intelligence development at Infomedia, as the Chief Product Officer, overseeing both Data Science, Development etc. Further to this, have worked with global partnerships covering digital media. Has been steering Opoint as CEO since January. 

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The Metaverse: Opportunities, Risks, & Regulation

The Metaverse will greatly impact society over the next decade. As an industry pioneer who began developing VR and AR technologies thirty years ago, Dr. Louis Rosenberg has a broad perspective on the field. And right now, he is both excited and concerned. Excited because the momentum has finally hit critical mass. Concerned because of the very real prospect that large corporations could bring the destabilizing features of social media into the metaverse. To avoid such problems, we need to push forward with clear perspectives.


This talk will address this by answering three key questions:

(1) What will the metaverse really be like when widely deployed?

(2) What are the most significant risks we face?

(3) Are there sensible forms of regulation that could help ensure that the metaverse does not become a destabilizing force like social media?    

 Louis Rosenberg, PhD is a pioneer in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. He developed the first functional augmented reality system for the U.S. Air Force (the Virtual Fixtures platform) in 1992. He then founded the early VR company Immersion Corporation in 1993 and the early AR company Outland Research in 2004. He is currently CEO and Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI, a company that amplifies group intelligence in decentralized environments. Rosenberg earned his PhD from Stanford University, was a professor at California State University (Cal Poly), and has been awarded over 300 patents worldwide for VR, AR, and AI technologies.  

athens speaker web_Alessandro Politi.jpeg

OSINT: Sensemaking in a Hybrid Environment

The actual geopolitical environment is on the one hand marked by hybrid warfare (in every sphere of life) and on the other by a possibly emerging Metaverse. Time, budget, decision-making constraints shape the way decision-makers and intelligences have to be effective. What are the threats to OSINT today and how can we protect the quality and integrity of the product?

Alessandro Politi is a global political and strategic analyst with 30 years of experience. Director of the NATO Defense College Foundation, the only NATO-affiliated NGO think tank. He teaches geopolitics and intelligence at the SIOI school (Rome) and strategic analysis at the IASSP of Milan. He has been Chief Political Advisor in KFOR and researcher at the WEU Institute for Security Studies. Special advisor to four Defence Ministers and other key government figures in addition to being consultant for Italian and European MPs. He was senior researcher for the Italian MoD (CeMiSS-Centre for Military and Strategic Studies) regarding the strategic monitoring of Latin America and leader of the Global Outlook project. Among other briefs, he has directed the CEMRES research on CBMs in the framework of the 5+5 Defence Initiative, presenting the conclusions to the Ministers in Granada. He has published 45 books on strategic and security matters. His last books are Shaping Security Horizons - Strategic Trends (2012-2019), a global predictive analysis capping seven years of collective NDCF research in 10 different sectors and Goodbye Merkel (2021), a geopolitical biography of the Chancellor.

athens speaker martin.png

Media intelligence in times of war, disinformation, and human rights abuses 

With a point of view from outside the industry, Martin will put into question the relevance of media intelligence services for the non-profit sector, using the example of an NGO currently on the frontlines of supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom. He will also reveal how his organisation gathers information crucial to their work of defending victims of human rights abuses, how media monitoring won’t cut it, and how disinformation gets in the way. 

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Martin Mycielski is a Polish-Belgian activist and former journalist. Following a short-lived political career in the early 2000s he moved to Brussels, where he worked in the European Parliament, the Polish Permanent Representation organising Poland's first EU Council presidency, as well as in an American law firm and the World Federation of Advertisers. He founded the international Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD International) and co-launched the EU DisinfoLab, the first European NGO committed strictly to countering disinformation. He then served for 2 years as the Brussels correspondent for the leading Polish daily, Gazeta Wyborcza.  

At the Open Dialogue Foundation, a Polish-Ukrainian human rights watchdog, Martin oversees public affairs, advocacy and communications. The Foundation is highly active in protecting human rights in the post-Soviet area and defending EU values within Europe (most notably Poland, where both ODF and Martin are considered "enemies of the state" by the current ruling coalition). 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, the Foundation has been committed to aiding refugees fleeing from Ukraine and delivering humanitarian aid to those who stayed to fight, focusing - as the only major EU NGO - on providing military-grade protective equipment such as bulletproof vests & ballistic helmets, as well as other defensive military gear. 

Privately, Martin is an avid political commentator, writing for publications such as EU Observer, Politico Europe, EurActiv and The Next Web, or commenting on current events for stations like BBC World News, Euronews or Al Jazeera. He is the author of the “Survival Guide to Authoritarianism”, a pamphlet based on the Polish experience which reached 3 million people around the world within a month and served as the basis for a 15-part web series. Last but not least, he is a member of the Advisory Council of the Polish Women’s Strike and is always looking for new causes to get involved in. 

Copyright Strip.jpeg

French MM Federation and Copyright Directive : a long story to success?

Christophe will explain how FEVEM, the French Media Monitoring Federation, has defended politically the market interests to transpose the copyright directive and avoid new right paiement. 

Christophe Dickès is in charge of Media Procurement and Copyright at Onclusive. He works with the publishers and the collective management organisations at an international level. He has over twenty years of experience in the world of media monitoring, press review and media evaluation (Press Index, Kantar). As FIBEP’s VP, he leads the Copyright Commission since 2014 and is recognised in the market as an expert: he has worked with the European institutions on the issue of the European Directive for FIBEP and AMEC. In 2016, he integrated the European Legal 500 GC power list which recognizes the corporate counsel who are driving the legal business forward and identifies an array of the most influential and innovative in-house counsel working in the region. In 2019, he was short listed by the European Counsel Awards (Lexology) in the intellectual property category. Christophe holds a doctorate in Contemporary History and a master degree in Politics and Media. He is a contributor to several media and publications.

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Florence Gaullier.png

European copyright law: update and perspectives 

Florence will present the recent development in the field of copyright law at the European level and what are the perspectives in this field in the next few years, especially with the Digital Single Market strategy of the European Commission. 

Florence Gaullier, partner at Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm, is specialised in copyright in all traditional sectors (press and book publishing, radio, TV, Music, etc.) but also in the digital sector and in IT law (e-commerce, data protection, etc.) at French and European level. She has a very specific knowledge in the collective management of rights and in the media monitoring sector. She is also in particular in charge of data protection compliance audits and assists clients during audits of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). She advises and assists several clients in their lobbying actions in France and in the EU, especially AMEC and FIBEP, in all these fields. Her Firm is ranked in the most recognised international law firms’ rankings for more than fifteen years (Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, Managing IP, Media Law International, etc.). 

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Athens_speaker_Marie Keup.png

Implementation of the Copyright Directive in the Benelux 

Marie will explain how the Copyright Directive has been implemented in Belgium and the Netherlands and will point out how this will likely affect the current licensing structure of MMOs in those countries. 

Marie is a counsel in our Intellectual Property practice group and heads our Trademarks, Copyrights and Designs practice in Brussels. Marie has considerable experience in drafting IP and IT contracts, including licence agreements, R&D agreements and confidentiality agreements. Furthermore, Marie is a known litigator and has represented clients in multiple (cross-border) legal proceedings at the Belgian court.  

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Hans (1).png

Transposition of the EU directive on copyright in the Nordics 

Hans Christian will give a short status on the transposition on the directive on copyright in the Nordics, what the is debate focusing on and on the potential impact for publishers, platforms and media intelligence companies. 

Hans Christian Nordahl Thomsen is Head of Media Management at Infomedia Denmark. He is responsible for media agreements, relations to publishers, copyright law and media compliance. He has nearly ten years’ experience with media intelligence in the Nordics. He has been a board member of the Press Database and Licensing Network since 2019. Hans holds a master degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen.

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Athens_speaker_Marina Bonomi.png

Copyright: Evolving Situation in Italy 

After a brief description of the Italian media monitoring market, the presentation reconstructs the copyright scenario of the last  years, with  focus on the new Law and on the role of FederRassegne as an interlocutor with the Italian Institutions 

Marina Bonomi is the CEO and Shareholder of Mimesi (media monitoring and media intelligence) – part of DBInformation spa; VP FederRassegne (Italian MMOs Association).  

Marina’s previous professional experience includes C-level positions such as: General Manager of Telemat and Mimesi at Reed Business Information (Reed Elsevier plc); Associate Professor of Digital Marketing at the University of Milan – Department of Communication; Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone Italia spa; Chief Innovation Officer at Omnitel spa; Business Development Director at Olivetti Telemedia spa dealing with M&A and start-ups with specific focus on internet e-commerce and digital services.

Marina has been member of Board of Directors of Internet Observatory at Bocconi University, Steering Commitee of CommerceNet-Italy,  Governing Board of AMBA Association - Alumni MBA SDA Bocconi.  

She holds a Degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan and an MBA from SDA Bocconi University.   

Marina is married with twin daughters.    

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Copyright in Latin America

Carlos will go around the latest developments in the copyright scene in Latin America. 

Athens_speaker_Carloz (1).png
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Carlos A. Diaz is General Manager and a Member of the Board of GlobalNews Group, with more than 400 employees, offices in 11 Latin American Countries and in the US and more than 3000 clients, including 100 Fortune500 companies, GlobalNews is the main Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation and Insights company in Latin America. 

Carlos has over 10 years of experience in information gathering, measurement and evaluation services. He has helped acquire and develop the methodologies, tools and skills necessary to extract meaningful information from huge amounts of structured & unstructured data at GlobalNews group.  

Carlos is deeply committed with the promotion of proper measurement practices that approximate the true value of communications and currently chairs AMEC’s Latin American Chapter. 

He also has a background in IT entrepreneurship, having founded three different startups related to the media and information sectors (the last one resulting in a successful acqui-hire by GlobalNews Group) since the age of 18. 

In his current position, he has spearheaded four Major acquisitions in 2017 and 2018 (Reporte Informativo, Foco, Keywords and ManagementPress) and has re-structured GlobalNews’ insights department as part of the current strategical growth objectives of the company, as well as entered into the Ecuatorian and Chilean Markets, becoming the second largest player in each market in less than a year. He has championed the re-organization of an industry that is more than one hundred years old from manual, human intensive processes into specialized high value-added human processes that are helped by heavy investment in artificial intelligence and allow the live monitoring and analysis of thousands of media outlets and millions of social media posts. 

Carlos is a self-professed gamer, who programs in his free time for his personal pet-projects (currently really into Open Source Home Automation), plays Rugby in the Buenos Aires Rugby Union, and is an avid skier. 

sales Strip.jpeg
athens speaker anil gupta.png

Sail the sales ship in modern times

Anil is an established Global Enterprise Sales professional with 15+ years of experience in the technology industry. He has a comprehensive and successful record of building markets, formulating and executing business strategies and driving revenue growth across multiple verticals and market segments. He’s held multiple roles including Sales Engineer, Virtualization Architect, Support, QA & System Administrator across various sectors 

Erik Karstens.png

Winning EU tenders:
Recent trends and tactics 

It has become ever harder to be successful acquiring EU service contracts. This talk considers the framework conditions of bidding for EU business in the light of the institutions’ procurement trends and practices, and how to read the convoluted terms of reference. It also discusses how to work out and present ‘win themes’ appropriate to the institutional nature of the client. 

Eric Karstens is a freelance grant and tender development consultant with 15 years’ experience in the EU communications, public affairs, media, and journalism ecosystem. He supports communications and public relations agencies working in the ‘Brussels bubble’ on a regular basis, offering expert advice, drafting key parts of applications, or delivering complete turnkey bids as needed. As a secondary area of activity, Eric helps journalism outlets and civil society organisations around the world with their fundraising efforts among international donors and foundations. Before going freelance, he worked in broadcast television and as an entrepreneur, authoring, among many other publications, the German standard reference TV management textbook.

Manuel Moerbach.png

Manuel Moerbach is CEO of Onclusive, the third largest media monitoring and evaluation provider in the world. Onclusive was formed in January 2022 following the acquisitions of Kantar’s Reputation Intelligence business, US-based analytics experts Onclusive and media relations platform PRgloo by tech investor Symphony Technology Group ‘STG’. Prior to Onclusive Manuel held numerous commercial and leadership roles at market and consumer data specialist Statista. Joining in 2009 when it was a five-person start up, Manuel drove Statista’s hyper growth, with the company expanding to over 1,200 employees from a handful of clients to over 25,000 customers, becoming a market leading global business. Along the way, Manuel drove a significant global expansion from its European base, starting up their businesses in the United States and Southeast Asia to create one of the world’s leading business information platforms. Manuel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Socioeconomics from the University of Hamburg.  

Lucie Geislerova.png

Lucie is Newton Media’s senior international development officer, responsible for the growth of the company’s international client network and strategic partnerships. 

Lucie began her career with Newton Media in 1998 as a sales manager and she has developed a detailed understanding of the practical challenges and solutions required for the successful delivery of the monitoring projects.  

Nothing is more important to Lucie than the smooth-functioning of the sales teams and international accounts at Newton Media. She motivates her team to provide clients with the best service possible and prides herself in her own flexibility to accommodate new ideas and approaches. She is also very keen on learning Spanish, damas y caballeros. 

Lisa von Beust .png

As the marketing and communication manager at Auxipress, Lisa and her team spend their time developing the company’s reputation by promoting its solutions and expertise as well as generating new leads. 

Lisa started her career at Auxipress in 2016 in the media analysis department and transitioned to the marketing department three years ago. 

As a media, marketing and data enthusiast, Lisa spends most of her time working closely with the sales and solutions departments. Her belief is that a multi-talented approach is key to creating dialog with clients and that a data-oriented marketing strategy will produce the most effective pitch. 

With a mix of passion, curiosity and humour, she is a proud representant of the family’s third generation at Auxipress. 

Steffen Egelund Pedersen.png

Steffen Egelund

Thirteen years' experience in the Asian media and tech environment. Five years as CEO for an Asian PR agency with offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Started, scaled and sold a Danish media monitoring company. Previously head of campaigns at the Danish Parliament for a political party.  

web network strip.png
Jacob Lund Nielsen.png

A Client-centric approach to Media Analysis

Contemporary Media Intelligence elegantly mixes content with analysis and even advice. But how far does the consultancy approach take us? And what advice do clients really want? Mediatrack chairman Jacob Lund Nielsen interviews Konstantinos Maragakis, European payments executive and former PR advisor.

Jacob Lund Nielsen is Executive Chairman and co-founder of Mediatrack. He is a former Senior Managing Director and CEO Brussels of Teneo, the Global CEO Advisory, advising a number of world’s largest companies on Strategic Communications. He currently serves on several company and associations boards and is a Trustee of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. He co-founded cabinet DN consulting in 2005, rated one of Belgium’s 10 most dynamic SME’s in 2016 and acquired by Teneo in June 2017. He has previously worked as the Executive Director of the European Enterprise Institute, as a political advisor in the European Parliament, and as a visiting lecturer at Charles University, Prague. 

Co-presenting with: 

Konstantinos Maragakis 

CEO EEA, Pay Safe Group 

Katerina Kechagia .png

The Value of the MIBE 

Analysing in a simple way the true benefit of the Media Intelligence Business Ecosystem for FIBEP members and all MIBE contributors. The importance of the MIBE as an industry tool to help develop alliances, increase knowledge and envisage the future of our industry. 

Katerina is a graduate of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and worked as a journalist for five years before joining Clip News in 2005. Throughout the past 15 years, she has been in charge of the Monitoring, International, and Reporting/Analysis departments, while for a period of seven years she was Business & HR Manager, in charge of the overall operation of Clip News. She has been a shareholder and board member since 2009. In 2021, she was named Vice President for Media Intelligence & Marketing and has been in charge of promoting Media Intelligence services in the Greek market. 

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Athens datascouting.jpeg

Explore The Acropolis

Delve into one of the most important museums in the world with an exclusive two hour VIP guided tour.


Please book your ticket now for an unforgettable journey through Greek history and culture


Dinner with an Unforgettable View

Join attendees and guests at the beautiful Attikos restaurant with the view of the Parthenon and the Herodeon as the ideal setting to enjoy the city of Athens. The menu will include traditional Greek recipes prepared with the freshest ingredients. 

Sign up for the event separately in advance. 

Thank you to Enimerosi for sponsoring this event. 


Please book your ticket now for an unforgettable journey through Greek history and culture

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