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Thank you to everyone who attended the event!




For the fourth time, FIBEP is pleased to organize FIBEP Copyright Talks.

Exclusively organised for its members, the copyright day is a unique opportunity to share our experiences on one of the most important issue today. In a context of media crisis, publishers have more expectations : high level pricing model, technical barriers, direct contracts with our clients.

To face such situation, we have seen during the last FIBEP congress that we don’t speak only about copyright but about competition law too.


As usual, Florence Gaullier, from Vercken and Gaullier law firm, and Valérie Laure Benabou, European Intellectual property expert, will give us an update of the legal involvements in Europe, mainly in the light of the negotiation between Google and publishers.

After his last presentation three year ago, Michael Maillinger from Kantar Germany, will present the legal evolution of the German landscape.


Since last year, Netherland is facing a small revolution with three copyright models. Mark Reisz from Media Info Groep will explain to us how to evolve in this world shaken by so many changes.


Our copyright commissioner Christophe Dickès will finally present how to face publishers with high expectations with one example.

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