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Exclusive for FIBEP members


9:00 - 9:30 Registration opens

9:30 - 9:40  - Official opening of the Tech Day | Carlos A. Diaz, GlobalNews Group, FIBEP VP Tech, Magdalena Horanska, Newton Media, FIBEP Secretary General, Paolo Angelo Paravento, PerVoice

9:40 - 10:25 - Interactive Session: Chat GPT and the impact on media intelligence | Glen Hodgson, Free Trade Europa

10:25 - 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:10 Experimenting Chat GPT on broadcast media content | Michal Hrones, Newton Media

11:10 - 11:40 NLG in the light of Chat GPT | Nesin Veli, Identrics

11:40 - 12:10 The Machine won’t eat you - How to close the Story Circle in the age of ChatGPT and AI powered communications | Jack Murray, Media HQ

12:10 - 12:30 Unlocking the secrets of Language using LLMs: link analysis and summarization: Client case | Stavros Vologiannidis, DataScouting

12:30- 13:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 - 14:15 MIBE: Panel discussion on the effects of social media access across our ecosystem | Joanna Dandelia, Journalist, Marketing Club Greece, University of Macedonia Press​, Raniero Romagnoli, Almawave

14:15 - 14:45 How to code: Spoken language identification inputs and machine translation outputs for media monitoring | Massimo Turri, PerVoice

14:45 - 15:30 New Platform: Talkwalker and Auxipress join forces | Jeremy Bernier, Talkwalker and Arnaud Steinkuhler, Auxipress

15:30- 16:00 Coffee Break

16:00 - 16:20 Technical Advisory Commission: Integration of new JSON format | Carlos A. Diaz, GlobalNews Group and FIBEP VP Tech, Alessandro Cederle, TV Eyes and FIBEP Tech Advisory Commission Chair

16:20 - 16:50 From data to information in real time | Zoltan Csikos, Neticle

16:50 - 17:2Social Analytics with PowerBI | Panayiotis Tsantilas, Palo Services

17:20 - 17:30 Sum up and closing words | Carlos A. Diaz, GlobalNews Group, FIBEP VP Tech

17:30 - 18:00 Networking by PerVoice

The event is moderated by

Carlos A. Diaz,

FIBEP VP Tech and General Manager at GlobalNews Group

 The event is hosted by



The Triton Fountain is located in Rome in Piazza Barberini. It is the work of Gian Lorenzo

Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol

Piazza Barberini 23, 00187 Rome


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GH portrait Sept22c.jpg

With over twenty years’ experience in communications, public affairs and lobbying, Glen is the founder of the think tank Free Trade Europa, which focuses on promoting free trade, openness and the rule of law within the European Union and internationally. Glen also leads a stakeholder initiative on the future of work in the Nordics.

Glen was previously responsible for the Nordics, Baltics and Central & Eastern Europe within an international communications agency. Prior to this he worked for the European institutions as well as governments, blue-chip international companies, start-ups and NGOs as a lobbyist, strategist and communications advisor.

Glen was also the Secretary General of a European trade association for five years. Today, Glen is a respected commentator on European affairs, as well as a frequent presenter, moderator and panellist at European policy events. Glen is also a trainer and coach on technology, migration, labour force, transport and sustainability policy as well as communications techniques for the public and private sectors.

Glen will run an interactive session ChatGPT and the impact on media intelligence. The session will cover an overview of ChatGPT, the role of automation and AI, the implications for media intelligence, as well as the threats and opportunities for media monitoring and analysis.

Glen Hodgson
CEO, Free Trade Europe


Carlos Diaz Picture.jpg

Carlos A. Diaz is General Manager and a Member of the Board of GlobalNews Group, with more than 400 employees, offices in 11 Latin American Countries and in the US and more than 3000 clients, including 100 Fortune500 companies, GlobalNews is the main Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation and Insights company in Latin America. 

Carlos has over 10 years of experience in information gathering, measurement and evaluation services. He has helped acquire and develop the methodologies, tools and skills necessary to extract meaningful information from huge amounts of structured & unstructured data at GlobalNews group.  

He has a background in IT entrepreneurship, having founded three different startups related to the media and information sectors (the last one resulting in a successful acqui-hire by GlobalNews Group) since the age of 18. 

In his current position, he has spearheaded four Major acquisitions in 2017 and 2018 (Reporte Informativo, Foco, Keywords and ManagementPress) and has re-structured GlobalNews’ insights department as part of the current strategical growth objectives of the company, as well as entered into the Ecuatorian and Chilean Markets, becoming the second largest player in each market in less than a year. He has championed the re-organization of an industry that is more than one hundred years old from manual, human intensive processes into specialized high value-added human processes that are helped by heavy investment in artificial intelligence and allow the live monitoring and analysis of thousands of media outlets and millions of social media posts. 

Carlos is a self-professed gamer, who programs in his free time for his personal pet-projects (currently really into Open Source Home Automation), plays Rugby in the Buenos Aires Rugby Union, and is an avid skier. 

Carlos, as FIBEP VP Tech, will moderate the event and together with Alessandro Cederle will update delegates over the FIBEP Tech Commission activities.

Carlos Alfredo Diaz
General Manager, GlobalNews Group
FIBEP Vice President Tech


Raniero Romagnoli foto.jpg

Raniero is the CTO at Almawave, VP at PerVoice and CEO at OBDA Systems.
He is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and he drives the company technology strategy while managing technical teams of R&D and Innovation.
Raniero actively participates in various national and international initiatives in the field of AI and, in collaboration with research centers and academies, he also attends advanced courses in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI.
He is also the co-author of scientific papers and patents in the field of artificial intelligence.

Raniero is taking part in the Panel discussion on the effects of social media access across our ecosystem.

Raniero Romagnoli
CTO, Almawave


hd photo joanna dandelia.JPG

​​​The University of Macedonia Press (UOM Press) operates within the framework of the University of Macedonia and its Asset Management Company, since 2001. 
The publishing house in all these years implements an open publishing policy, not just limited to scientific books but also extended to publications of general interest, such as history, education, art books, and more.
At the same time, it covers the design and production of the press material for the University of Macedonia and carries out successful printing assignments from external clients.
UOM Press operates within the guidelines of the book market, with the ability to sell to wholesalers, bookstores and door-to-door mail-orders of books to individuals in any city in Greece and abroad.
It successfully covers a wide range of activities: from designing, editing, and printing to production, trading with suppliers, printing partners, and customers, as well as distributing, and promoting new book titles. 

Joanna is participating in the Panel discussion on the effects of social media access across our ecosystem. She will pay a particular focus on "Social Media in the age of regulation. Data privacy and Content Moderation. Navigating through Meta's & Twitter's changing landscape". 

Joanna Dandelia
Journalist (MA in Social Media & New Technologies), Communication & Marketing Strategist (Marketing Club Greece), Director of the University of Macedonia Press (Publications), and Ph.D. Candidate Dpt of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia



Massimo Turri has 12 years of professional experience in backend development for PerVoice, hundreds of projects led, well-versed with project management. He is proficient with Java and .Net while mastering technologies such as Spring and RestAPI. Finally, a curious mind which over the years has led a team that developed solutions for some of the most important MMOs of the industry, being accountable for transcribing, translating and subtitling of thousands of channels and millions of hours of transcripts every year.

In his speech, Massimo will focus on how to code for media intelligence. Dealing with multilingualism has been an issue of mass media, an impactful but something rarely companies want to deal with. The goal of PerVoice’s tutorial is to showcase the importance of Spoken Language Identification within the industry, focusing on our approach and use cases.
Key Takeaways:

  • What is Spoken Language Identification

  • How to code a client that:

o Transcribes multilingual content
o Translates transcripts quickly in multiple languages at the same time o Indexes and researches for multimedia multilingual content

  • A brief yet impactful definition of Machine Translation

  • How SLI and MT can improve speed and accuracy of media transcripts.

Massimo Turri
Product Manager, PerVoice


Jeremy Bernier
VP of Strategic Partnerships, Talkwalker


Jeremy Bernier is VP of Strategic Partnerships at Talkwalker. With proven expertise in channel management, sale, customer success & support he is currently collaborating with global ISVs as well as major Media Monitoring Organizations and supporting them with their digital transformation projects.

Jeremy will showcase how to Leverage a Platform as a Service to accelerate your go-to-market and generate more revenue. Together with Arnaud they will explain how Auxipress has fully updated its platform and has migrated more than 100 clients in less than 2 months. From the project inception to the actual client migration. 

Auxipress 20541┬®Laetizia Bazzoni.jpg

Arnaud Steinkuhler has 20 years of experience in Brand Intelligence helping marketing and communication departments develop the performance and leadership of their brands. 

Since 1st January 2022, Arnaud leads the Auxipress team as CEO with solid international experience. Arnaud joined Auxipress in 2020 as Head of Solutions to develop a range of products and services that enables brand managers to make informed decisions built on media monitoring, social trend analysis, and audience insights.

Prior to that, he was Head of Solutions Europe at Talkwalker, the world’s leading SAAS Conversational Intelligence tool. There, he led a team of consultants focused on helping companies solve their business challenges by listening to and analyzing digital conversations and audiences.

He is particularly familiar with the challenges and needs of brands, having previously been Director of the Media & Public Insights department at Argus de la Presse (Cision) for more than 10 years, in Paris. There he led a team of 70 people to help 500 clients drive their brand with metrics, reports, insights, and opinion surveys. 

Auxipress is the Belgian leader in Brand Intelligence based on media and social analysis.

Together with Jeremy, Arnaud will showcase how to Leverage a Platform as a Service to accelerate your go-to-market and generate more revenue. They will explain how Auxipress has fully updated its platform and has migrated more than 100 clients in less than 2 months. From the project inception to the actual client migration. 

Arnaud Steinkuhler
CEO, Auxipress



Zoltán Csikós is the leader of the backend developer teams at Neticle, while responsible for IT Infrastructure (on-premise and Azure cloud), data collection, storage, and text analytics architect for Neticle Media Intelligence,, and APIs.

Zoltán will cover the topic of how to build a sustainable content analysis structure. In his speech From Data to Information in Real Time he will focus on 3 key chapters:

1) how to store collected data in the long term? Azure table storage is very cost-effective and scales well, but some disadvantages exist. How can we get around them?
2) how can we achieve the scale to be able to analyze everything in real-time as the data flows in? There is less than a second between finding the data and when it is available on the interactive dashboards. What are the difficulties and how can we optimize them to keep costs low?
Third question: how can companies provide a transparent, customizable text analysis solution for clients on a scale that is plug&play and does not require large sets of training data?

Zoltán Csikós
CIO & Co-Founder, Neticle

Παρουσιαση μου στο ebusiness_edited.jpg

A fanatic digital and enthusiastic entrepreneur based in Athens, cofounded Paloservices in 2008, with the vision to provide web & innovative social services. Panagiotis has an extensive business and tech network of associates & clients in Southeastern Europe and more than 30 years of regional experience. 
He has worked for over 30 years in top management positions in various national and international technology/services companies such as Premium S.A., PrintecGroup, KPMG. He is a mentor at Archimedes, the Athens Uni Accelerator & Tech transfer, General Secretary at  Hellenic Association of Innovative Apps(SEKEE), and a member of the Hellenic Artificial Intelligence society.
He holds an MBA & MSc. in IT  (Glasgow University) and a BSc. in Physics (University of Patras). 

Panayiotis will be talking about Power BI for media & social analytics. Understanding data can be challenging, especially when dealing with large, unstructured, and complex datasets. Here are some common challenges marketing executives face when trying to understand data: Data context, data volume, data quality, data complexity, and lack of experience. To overcome these challenges, it's essential to use the right tools and techniques. Data visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and QlikView can help visualize data and make it easier to understand. 
Three years ago, we successfully selected as our tool the Power BI for many reasons.  The user-friendly features provided, the easy integration with various data sources, the license cost per user, and the support of a tech giant at the same time local vendor are among the main reasons for our decision. Nowadays, with the support of ChatGPT,  insights could be more easily discovered.
Initially, we created our custom connector PaloProInsights,  a Power Query software in M functional language, handling the connection between our SaaS platform PaloPro and Power BI. PaloProInsights is also capable of cleaning and transforming data and creating meta-data on Power BI. With this integration, we achieve have all our data in one tool that offers advanced analytics capabilities and gives our customers a clear picture of their data. PaloAnalytics, based on Power BI,  is a valuable tool allowing our customers to monitor and analyze social media KPIs and determine the efficacy of their company's social media marketing strategy. 

Panayiotis Tsantilas
Founder & CEO, Paloservices

Nesin Veli Identrics headshot.jpg

Nesin is a skilled professional with a wealth of knowledge in data transformation and automation. He has a track record of creating and implementing cutting-edge technological solutions that satisfy changing market and business demands. Nesin's unique combination of technical proficiency and editorial insight enables him to convert complex business scenarios into actionable technological solutions and vice versa.

In this presentation, Nesin will discuss the traditional approaches to abstractive summarisation and how language models have revolutionized this field. We will discuss the difference in value that Chat GPT provides compared to tailor-made language models and the opportunities they offer.

Key Takeaways:

- Learn how traditional abstractive summarisation models work and how they are built;
- Learn about the model’s pre-built defects and the challenges they could lead to MI organizations and professionals;
- Learn how custom-made language models can be the answer to these problems;
- How to utilize custom language models in MI organizations and how this will affect existing workflows.


Nesin Veli
Product Manager, Identrics

Jack Murray headshot.jpg

Jack Murray is an entrepreneur, story consultant, speaker and author. He is the CEO and founder of MediaHQ, a media contacts database and press release distribution tool. His first Book - "The Magic Slice - How to Master the Art of Storytelling for Business" is an  Amazon best seller. MediaHQ is a world leading technology platform that provides media and audience contact software to the media intelligence industry through partnerships. The software helps the world’s top PR and communications teams connect their stories with their audiences. 

The future is now. 

It’s very rare to witness years of technological advancement in a few short weeks, but that’s exactly what is happening with the arrival of ChatGPT. 

It is disrupting every industry and has proven that AI will completely transform media intelligence, public relations and communications.

In this talk Jack Murray will explore the impact of ChatGPT on technology in the media intelligence industry by focusing on three big questions:

·    Why the machine won't eat you? ChatGPT is all powerful and will cause massive disruption but it is possible to safely surf the wave and emerge stronger. 

·    What is the future of the Story Circle? How developing integrations and APIs will drive industry collaborations, user value and profits. 

·    What is the MediaHQ ChatGPT Press Release Creator? A reveal of our latest technology that harnesses the power of AI to write press releases.

Jack Murray
CEO, MediaHQ

Michal Hrones.jpeg

Michal Hrones
Innovation & Customer Care Manager, NEWTON Media

Michal is the head of innovation and customer care at Newton Media. In his role, he and his team provide customers with innovative, value-added products using cutting-edge AI-based technologies. By combining both areas of innovation and customer care, the team is able to respond to customer feedback and use an approach to product excellence.

Michal will demonstrate how to use OpenAI/GPT models to bring more value to the customers of media monitoring from RTV data. In his presentation it will be highlighted how the technology can digest metadata and plain text into high-value and get-to-the-point results which can be straightly used in everyday use in decision-making process.

Alessandro Cederle headshot.jpg

Alessandro has a senior leadership background, with a track record in multinational companies in the business information, publishing, and communication sectors (Dun & Bradstreet, Reed Elsevier, Metro, Fininvest, Yellow Pages). He is currently responsible for business development in Europe for TVEyes. Throughout his career, he has led innovation and turnaround cases, development on new
markets, repositioning and revision of the portfolio, with a distinct touch for digital transformation cases of traditional companies. Alessandro holds significant experience in M&A.

Formerly Past President of the Italian association of B2B publishers and adjunct professor of Management Information Systems at the Catholic University in Milano.

As Head of FIBEP Tech Advisory Commission, Alessandro will provide a showcase of the accomplishments of the teams that are active inside FIBEP'S Tech Advisory Commission, all delivering value to FIBEP's members and the industry at large. We'll focus on our proposal for a standard JSON format for data interchange among FIBEP members.  

Alessandro Cederle
Business Development Europe, TVEyes

Stavros Vologiannidis.jpg

Stavros Vologiannidis has co-founded DataScouting and oversees business development and innovation, coordinating a global business development network and planning research projects and strategic collaborations. He has a PhD in Computer Aided Control System Design and his research interests include Control Systems and Machine Learning.

On a client case, Stavros will show how to Unlock the secrets of Language using LLMs: link analysis and summarization. He will focus on the outcomes of a proof-of-concept project for a government entity regarding link analysis and summarization focusing on:
a) the importance of data normalization and retention;

b) newly developed LLM and challenges solved;
c) adapting the business value proposition to media intelligence companies and other organizations.

Stavros Vologiannidis
Co-Founder, Business Development, DataScouting

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