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Ilia Krustev

CEO, A Data Pro


Released on July 21st

As CEO of A Data Pro, Ilia has built a world-class management team and successfully led the company for more than 10 years. Combining extensive expertise and a strong passion for media, business intelligence and new technologies, the A Data Pro group of companies now comprises its flagship A Data Prо and is closely working with Southeast Europe’s leading business intelligence provider SeeNews, media monitoring and analysis agency – Perceptica, global renewable energy intelligence service Renewables Now and, as of 2016, Identrics – the group’s dedicated AI and automation hub. 

Ilia is a serial entrepreneur with wide-ranging business interests, as well as a vocal advocate for sustainable and innovative business practices. As such, he is the driving force behind A Data Pro's participation in the global education initiative of AMEC, the international association for measurement and evaluation of communication. Under his leadership, A Data Pro has also become a key partner to Bulgaria’s largest universities. 

He holds an MBA from Cotrugli Business School, certification in Global Management and Leadership from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and specialised in SME Human Resources Development at Tokai University. He also serves as Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Innovation, Business Excellence, Services and Technology (AIBEST). 

A DATA PRO offers integrated services across various segments on the global data and content processing market since 1999. We can deliver any type or combination of services across the entire information value chain and in virtually any language and geography, which enables us to offer bespoke service, tailored to adequately meet any requirements and customer expectations – from building a specific data set, through source management, indexing of content, search-string and taxonomy building, to writing reports, conducting business intelligence analytics and due diligence.  

The language landscape, combined with research, analytical and editorial expertise are complimented by the tech achievements of A DATA PRO’s own R&D hub, driven by engineers and data scientists with industry knowledge and understanding. Starting from content aggregation, clusterisation and classification tools, relying on machine learning, natural language processing and/or combination of those, now heading towards deep learning, we have at our disposal solutions, which can be incorporated at any and every stage of the content life-cycle, allowing us to dramatically improve turnaround times. The flexible solutions for content aggregation, indexing, and enrichment we offer are easily integrated with/across clients’ systems, they are designed to accommodate various projects and system requirements and to easily communicate with others. The innovative technologies at hand can be customized in a way that allows easy plugging into any external process. 

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