1- 5  PM CEST


1:00 pm CEST

Opening Words

Opening words by Magdalena Horanska

FIBEP Secretary General

1:05 - 1:50 pm CEST

Session 1 


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1:50 – 2:00 pm CEST



2:00 – 2:45 pm CEST

Session 2


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2:45 – 3:00 pm CEST



3:00 – 3:45 pm CEST

Session 3


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4:00 – 5:00 pm CEST

Networking Session with Sponsors

The networking event with sponsors will be run via breakout rooms,

where you will be able to join the sponsor/s room/s

you want or ask the Secretariat to add you to that/those room/s


The Networking Session will go for one hour.

At the beginning, all sponsors will have a 2-minute teaser each

and then 45 minutes for you to network with the sponsor/s you want.  

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Jochen Spangenberg

Deputy Head Research & Cooperation Projects / Innovation Manager

Deutsche Welle

Jochen is Deputy Head, Research and Cooperation Projects, at Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The unit operates at the intersection of journalism, IT, and media science. In addition to strategic and management issues, Jochen’s topical focus over the past years has been on social newsgathering, analysis and verification of digital / user-generated content, and the use of eyewitness media for news reporting. Jochen furthermore coordinates all verification and fact-checking projects and activities of the unit. 

Previously, Jochen was Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief at a new media company, and worked for BBC News & Current Affairs in radio and TV. Jochen also lectures at the Free University Berlin in Media & Communication Sciences, and is an advisor as well as teacher for Lie Detectors, an NGO that brings media literacy into classrooms. He is the author of the book The BBC in Transition and a number of articles, papers and book chapters. Jochen furthermore is a member of the Advisory Boards of SOMA (Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis) and EDMO (European Digital Media Observatory).

Athena vakali bw.jpg

Athena Vakali


Aristotle University, School of Informatics, Datalab

Athena Vakali is a professor at the School of Informatics, Aristotle University, Greece, where she leads the Laboratory on Data and Web science. She holds a PhD degree in Informatics (Aristotle University), a MSc degree in Computer Science (Purdue University, USA), and BSc degree in Mathematics. Her current research interests include Data Science topics with emphasis on big data mining and analytics, Next generation Internet applications and enablers, online social networks mining, as well as on online sources data management on the cloud, the egde and decentralized settings. She has supervised 10 completed PhD theses and she has been awarded for her educational and research work which is extended with mentoring and students empowerment (ACM, ACMW). Prof. Vakali has published over than 160 papers in refereed journals and Conferences and she is in the editorial board of the "Computers & Electrical Engineering" Journal, and ICST Transactions on Social Informatics (her publications received over 8400 citations with h-index=39 according to gscholar). She has coordinated and participated in more than 25 research projects in EU FP7, H2020, international and national projects. She has served as a member in the EU Steering Committee for the EU Future Internet Assembly (2012-14) and she has been appointed as Director of the Graduate Program in Informatics, Aristotle University (2014-15). She has co-chaired major Conferences Program Committees such as : PC co-chair at the ACM/IEEE Web Intelligence Conference 2019, the EU Network of Excellence 2nd Internet Science Conference (EINS 2015), 15th Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2014),etc


Alistair is part of BBC Monitoring’s Disinformation Team, and has covered diverse subjects as Covid-19, anti-vaccine movements, QAnon, US politics and the spread of conspiracy theories. A 32-year veteran at the BBC, he previously worked as a radio and television signals specialist before turning to journalism covering (among other things) media news, terrorism, weapons proliferation, cyber-security and North Korea

Alistair Coleman

Senior Journalist

BBC Monitoring

Rebecca Skippage pic.JPG

Rebecca Skippage leads BBC Monitoring’s Disinformation Team and is an Editor with the BBC-wide Anti-Disinformation Unit. She has 20 years’ experience in commissioning and producing TV, radio and digital content, programmes and events across global and domestic news platforms. She was the BBC’s 2020 fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, where she focused on the role of public service media in the fight against disinformation.

Rebecca Skippage

News Editor +  

Disinformation Lead 

BBC Monitoring

David bw.jpg

David Llorente



With 15+ years of business development experience, David is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for disruptive innovation and technology. He has founded 4 startups, including one successful exit. Before starting his entrepreneurial career, David held executive positions in Business and Strategy Development for leading companies in the online gaming industry in Europe, USA and Latin America. In the first years of his professional career David worked as a researcher specializing in Artificial Intelligence.


Claes Lyth Walsø

Chief Information Officer

Retriever Group

Claes Lyth Walsø is the Chief Information Officer at the Retriever Group, which is a Nordic media data and analytics company. He is responsible for the group’s IT and technology and related R&D activity. Retriever has invested a lot in utilizing AI and machine learning in the last few years, and have recently joined the Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI), as one of the main partners.

Before joining Retriever in 2018, Claes worked over 10 years at the Norwegian telecom provider Telenor, where he also focused on data and analytics services. He has two master degrees from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The first is within communication technology, and the latter in technology management, which included at term at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was concluded with the thesis about capturing value from big data.

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