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Carlos Diaz -

General Manager and Board Member, GlobalNews Group - Argentina 
Released August 4th

Carlos A. Diaz is General Manager and a Member of the Board of GlobalNews Group, with more than 360 employees, offices in 10 Latin American Countries and in the US and more than 3000 clients, including 100 Fortune500 companies, GlobalNews is the main Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation and Insights company in Latin America. 

Carlos has over 10 years of experience in information gathering, measurement and evaluation services. He has helped acquire and develop the methodologies, tools and skills necessary to extract meaningful information from huge amounts of structured & unstructured data at GlobalNews group.  

Carlos is deeply committed with the promotion of proper measurement practices that approximate the true value of communications and currently chairs AMEC’s Latin American Chapter. 

He also has a background in IT entrepreneurship, having founded three different startups related to the media and information sectors (the last one resulting in a successful acqui-hire by GlobalNews Group) since the age of 18. 

In his current position, he has spearheaded four Major acquisitions in 2017 and 2018 (Reporte Informativo, Foco, Keywords and ManagementPress) and has re-structured GlobalNews’ insights department as part of the current strategical growth objectives of the company, as well as entered into the Ecuatorian and Chilean Markets, becoming the second largest player in each market in less than a year. He has championed the re-organization of an industry that is more than one hundred years old from manual, human intensive processes into specialized high value-added human processes that are helped by heavy investment in artificial intelligence and allow the live monitoring and analysis of thousands of media outlets and millions of social media posts. 

Carlos is a self-professed gamer, who programs in his free time for his personal pet-projects (currently really into Open Source Home Automation), plays Rugby in the Buenos Aires Rugby Union, and is an avid skier. 

GlobalNews Group, founded in 1999 Buenos Aires, Argentina by Maria Laura Garcia has grown to become the main Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation, and Insights company in Latin America.  

With offices in 10 Latin American Countries and in the US and more than 3000 clients, including 100 Fortune500 companies, GlobalNews is the only MMO that can cover the complete Latin American media landscape. 

From Mexico, all the way to the Falkland islands, including an extensive coverage of South America as well as a comprehensive coverage of the Caribbean, going as far as nonconventional markets such as Cuba, Haiti and Curacao, GlobalNews covers more than 10k traditional media outlets, as well as almost 100k digital media outlets. 

GlobalNews has been a pioneer in extending the professionalization of PR in Latin America and to date is the only Latin American company to have ever won Gold Awards as well as Platinum Grand Prix at the yearly AMEC Awards for Measurement and Evaluation practices, including 2020’s AMEC Communications Research & Measurement Team of the Year (medium). 

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