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To become a Full FIBEP member a company must meet the following criteria

• Offer media monitoring / media intelligence services / products;

• Be operational for at least 2 years;

• Have an annual turnover of min. 500.000 EUR.

NOTE: If you do not meet the above criteria but you are still interested in becoming a FIBEP member, please contact the FIBEP Secretariat to be informed regarding other membership options, such as Technical or Associate.


As a FULL member you are offered the possibility to enlist any of your subsidiary companies as FIBEP members. They will be called Satellite members, provided that they meet the FULL membership criteria.


Membership fees

• Admission one-off payment: 300 EUR;

• Annual FULL membership fee: 1000 EUR, invoiced each calendar year;

• Annual Satellite membership fee: 300 EUR per subsidiary company. 

Membership procedure

1. Contact FIBEP Secretariat at

2. FIBEP Secretariat arranges your interview with the FIBEP Admission Commission.

3. Fill in the online membership application (link to be provided after the interview).

4. Your application is forwarded to the Admission Commission. 

5. The Admission Commission will pass your application to the FIBEP Executive Board and you will be given the status of a Member. Once the membership fee is paid, you will be: 

• Announced in the FIBEP Newsletter to all members;

• Listed in the members list and have access to this contact list. 

• You will be provided the password to access FIBEP Members Only to benefit from extensive FIBEP information base.

6. At the next FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress you will present your company on stage in front of all FIBEP members.  


Exclusive member benefits

• Have access to any market or industry information; 

• Exclusive contact list of partners you can work with; 

• Networking activities to find new business partners; 

• Promote and grow your business; 

• Increased visibility and community recognition; 

• Explore technology solutions that can support your business; 

• Support, dedication and advice from the association in the copyright questions

• Learn from industry leaders by sharing best practices during FIBEP professional events. 

• Discounted rates to attend World Media Intelligence Congress and Super Networking Session.


FIBEP Professional Events 

• World Media Intelligence Congress;

• Super Networking Session;

• Copyright Day - Exclusively for FIBEP members;

• Tech Day - Exclusively for FIBEP members.

Attendance to FIBEP professional events is not included in the annual membership fee.

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