November 5 - 7 




Videos and Presentations for Day One will not be shared

The Nordic Media Landscape and the Digital Future

Steffen Damborg

Director, DigitalConsult

Panel discussion

Moderated by Jacob Lund Nielsen

CEO, Teneo Cabinet DN

Media Intelligence in the Nordics

Steffen Damborg  

Director, DigitalConsult​

Thomas Vejlemand

CEO, Infomedia AS

Alan Malligsen

CEO Denmark, Retriever

M&A in the Media Monitoring Industry

Past deals and what the future will bring


Short presentations and panel discussion

Moderated by Florian Laszlo

Secretary General, FIBEP & CEO, »OBSERVER«


Sylvie Harton

SVP, Strategy, Partners and 

Business Development, West Corporation

Louise Ainsworth

EMEA CEO, Kantar Media

Sean Smith

Chief Commercial Officer, Isentia

Carlos Diaz

General Manager, GlobalNews Group

What is Fair Remuneration in Media Monitoring?

A view on the latest developments and what they will mean for the industry

Christophe Dickès

Global Copyright Director, Kantar Media

Sophia Karakeva

Communications & Marketing Executive, DataScouting

Andrew Hughes

International Director, NLA Media Access



The Client View

Status & Expectations going into the future

What we can learn from European Communication Monitor

Dr. Dejan Verčič

Professor, Head of Department of Communication and

Head of Centre for Marketing and Public Relations,

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana and

Partner and Knowledge Director, Stratkom d.d.o, Slovenia

Communication changes the world

Kasper Holton Hülsen 

Chief Commercial Officer, Infomedia AS and Vice President, FIBEP

How Gumtree UK uses media intelligence to drive
reputation management and demonstrate the power of PR

Fergus Campbell

Public Relations, Gumtree UK

Panel discussion to follow

Moderated by Sean Smith 

Chief Commercial Officer, Isentia

Vice President, FIBEP

Design Thinking- A Mindset for Future Development

Design thinking for better customer centric solutions

Martin Delfer

Nordic Strategy Director, DesignIt

Data Visualization

Making Intelligence Insights Front & Center

Visual Data Science - How to Make Data Accessible 

Torsten Moeller

Professor of Computer Science, University of Vienna

Socializing Visual Insight

Michael Volpato

Technical Product Manager, Vizia

Analysis Methods and Data Visualization in the Corporate Newsroom

Romina Gersuni

Global Strategy Manager, pressrelations 

Bavaria #FreeforCarnaval Campaign- the one pager data visualization

Rinske Willemsen

CEO, Clipit

Panel discussion to follow

Moderated by Oresti Patricios 

CEO, Ornico Group

Technology Best Practices

AI for business intelligence: Keeping humans in the loop

Vladimir Petkov

Chief Technology Officer, A Data Pro

Creating real time global media 
insights with machine learning

Marit Rødevand

Founder & CEO,

Article Segmentation - challenges and new possibilities

Ove Dirdal

CEO, Co-founder & Owner, Zissor

Backpropagation to Future: 
Transforming Content Platforms

Gagan Madhwal

Senior Vice President, Product Engineering, Ninestars Information Technologies Limited

Client Focused, AI-Enhanced Press Clippings,
Best practices for delivering new services with AI - Lessons learned

Andreas Schietz 

Co-founder, COO, CFO, APOLLO.AI GmbH (Updatemi)

Todd Murphy

CEO, Universal Information Services

Augmenting the human: How artificial is transforming decision making

Felix Danzcak

Head of Strategy, Signal Media

Print Data Collection

Søren Enemark

COO, Media Track



DAY THREE | Wednesday, October 3rd

The Value of Content from the Perspective of a Publisher

Content has Value....a Publisher's Perspective

Alice Ting

Vice President of Licensing, & Syndication, The New York Times

Panel discussion to follow

Moderated by Florian Laszlo - Secretary General



Alice Ting

Vice President of Licensing, & Syndication, The New York Times

Maria Laura Garcia

President and Founder, GlobalNews Group, Vice President, FIBEP


Johna Burke

Global Managing Director, AMEC


Newsroom Tools as Part of 

the Media Intelligence Landscape

Newspapers and magazines made simple. 
Reinventing how you work with content

Nikolay Malyarov

Chief Content Officer and General Counsel, PressReader

The unified operating system for digital 
corporate coms and publishing 

Clemens Jeneral

Co-Founder and CEO, Intellyo Gmb

The Challenges of Realtime Media
Reputation Management and Research in digital newsrooms

Andreas Pongratz

CEO, information technology gmbh

Panel discussion to follow 

Moderated by Christophe De Clercq


Social Media Trends

Health of the Media Conversation:
Using AI to detect and understand harmful speech

Eric Karstens

Funding Consultant, European Journalism Centre

Stavros Vologiannidis

Founder, DataScoutingand Professor,

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia

Sophia Karakeva

CMO, DataScouting, Vice President, FIBEP


What the key findings of the Hootsuite Social
Barometer Report mean for media monitors

Rylan Holey

EMEA Partners, Hootsuite

Social Listening & Analytics: 
the Trends to Watch for in 2019

Christophe Folschette

Global Sales Director & Co-founder, Talkwalker

Panel discussion to follow

Moderated by Sean Smith 

Chief Commercial Officer, Isentia

Vice President, FIBEP

Media Intelligence - Best Practices

Growing Data Consciousness in Kenya

Steve Oyugi

Head, Reelcore and Shared Services, Reelforge

Creating a unified monitoring and insight 
foundation for global repositioning

Kaspar Bach Habersaat

Vice President of Group Communication,

Public Affairs & Corporate Culture, Falck

Report - State of the Industry

Aseem Sood

CEO, Impact Research &  Measurement Pvt. Ltd.

Outlooks into the Future of the Industry

Short presentations and panel discussions

Magdalena Horanska

CEO, Newton Media SEE

Vice President, FIBEP​

Heading 3

Gagan Madhwal

Senior Vice President, Product Engineering,

Ninestars Information Technologies Limited

Ove Dirdal

CEO, Co-founder & Owner, Zissor Vladimir Petkov,

Chief Technology Officer, A Data Pro

Vladimir Petkov

Chief Technology Officer, A Data Pro

Andreas Schietz

Co-founder, COO, CFO, APOLLO.AI GmbH (Updatemi)

Simon Ingram

Global Product Director, Kantar Media

Panel discussions to follow

Moderated by Kasper Holton Hülsen

Chief Commercial Officer, Infomedia AS 

Vice President, FIBEP

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