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Upcoming Events

Do not miss this one!

June 14: Special Copyright Session at the AMEC Global Summit in Barcelona

This workshop will examine the GDPR and its impact on your business

  • GDPR – opportunity or a challenge?

  • How will it impact you as an AMEC member and as a data-driven organisation?

  • Which GDPR requirements will affect my company?

  • What happens if my company is not GDPR compliant?

  • What does a successful GDPR project look like?

Session Leader: Christophe Dickès, EMEA Communication Leader & Global Copyright Director, Kantar Media

Presenters: Florence Gaullier, Associate / Partner, Cabinet Vercken & Gaullier / Vercken & Gaullier law firm Thomas Vejlemand, CEO, Infomedia

Click here to register

More Copyright events to attend

  • March 19: Are the new EU copyright regulations a weird kind of trade war? California, US (link)

  • June 3-5: PDLN Conference, London (link)

  • June 7: Annual Confernece on European Media Law, Brussels (link)

  • November 22: Annual Conference on European Copyright Law, IFRRO (link)

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