The Insource, Outsource Dilemma

FIBEP held a Grab a Bite on the 11th August. The title was “The Insource, Outsource Dilemma”. I felt this was an important topic for our members as many are not sure which works best. Well I am not sure that we have come to a conclusion. We invited both suppliers of software and media Monitoring companies so that we have a balanced discussion, which I think in the end we did.

The answer to the dilemma was, “it depends”. A few MMOs felt that it is easier to control your own processes and therefore they do not outsource any of their key requirements. Others felt that it is more cost effective but also allows quicker time to market if it is outsourced.

In conclusion, all participants had an opportunity to express their views so that we can all learn from each other and find benchmarks on what works for each different company. Thank you all for your involvement and participation.

Grab a Bite, Hosted by Oresti Patricios VP of FIBEP and CEO OrnicoGroup


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