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Grab a bite - The future of work- Media Monitoring, analysis, and other disruptions

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

23rd June 14h00 CEST

Moderated by Oresti Patricios, CEO at OrnicoGroup and FIBEP Vice President

These were the key take outs from a really interesting conversation we had about the future of work. Oresti opened the session with a though starter to provoke and ignite the conversation about “What is the new normal for MMOs?”

As business leaders our new vocabulary must include “Grit, resilience, innovation and creativity” This period has been our biggest disruption and we need to understand the pressure our clients are under, their client’s new customer journey and distribution channels. How do we deal with the rise of paywalls, closing of Social media platforms closing their APIs?

Data as a commodity

We need to add value and combine other services. Clients want to evaluate their ROI more and they come to us to help with this. We have less employees therefore more automation, but this now also makes data a commodity. We need to build programs for our clients and get into their minds. The right to access data is a major challenge in this industry and it means we all must work hard to ensure this is available to us.

Remote work

We need to measure and evaluate our own staffs’ output, which will not be that easy in some instances such as IT development but is easier in measuring output of clippings, sales meetings etc. Remote work also makes us remote from our clients, so the user experience is critical as is the relationship with our clients. This remote work has increased the consumption of all media but there has also been content disruption which our clients are concerned about. The fact that the media is mostly reporting on Corona makes it less relevant for many clients. There is a paradox between the decrease in the trust of media with the increase of consumption.


There is a fear today, so technology needs to be this bridge between the tech and the humans. Tech must be more flexible to help people be more productive. Getting the people right is the challenge. It is more difficult to engage with clients online, relationships are critical, whether with staff or clients. Even though there is an increase in automation, the importance lies in augmentation.


The world has changed data has become a commodity and we need to look at ways to provide value. People and technology need to be flexible and help productivity and finally ensure we have the right to access data

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