Grab-a-Bite - Reshaping strategy during these uncertain times

27th of May 2020

Moderated by María Laura García, FIBEP President, President and Founder

of GlobalNews Group

Attendees: 1. Mazen Nahawi, CARMA, Dubai 2. Sergio Franco, Boxnet, Brazil 3. Simon Dabbs, Newsclip, South Africa 4. Jon Anders Tangnes, Opoint Technology, Norway

5. Stavros Vologiannidis, DataScouting, Greece 6. Lucie Geislerova, Newton Media, Czech Republic 7. Florian Laszlo, Observer, Austria 8. Ankoor Choudharri, NIQX Informatics and Analysis Private Limited, India 9. Oresti Patricios, Ornico, South Africa 10. Carlos Alfredo Díaz, GlobalNews Group, Argentina 11. Magdalena Horanska, FIBEP Secretary General, Newton Media, Czech Republic

Grab-a-Bite is a new format of online meetings for FIBEP members. The new FIBEP concept has been designed to put all FIBEP community together and enable sharing experience in these uneasy times. The virus decided to put us all into unprecedented situations and prevent us from meeting in person. Grab-a-Bite is part of the FIBEPShares initiative.

Key takeaways Some parts of our ecosystem are struggling more than others Participants agreed that the media landscape is not facing a good moment, largely due to the dramatic decline in advertising. While the picture changes depending on the country and the measures taken to deal with the pandemic, in general terms everyone agreed that print media gets the worst of it, while technology and platforms are the big winners in this pandemic. Technology proved to be something necessary not only for business but for human needs. At the same time, Coronavirus led to a large increase in the amount of content.

Time to look for opportunities For most, these are incredibly challenging times and opportunities must be sought in the midst of this pandemic. One of our opportunities is to improve our operations and invest in technology, in machines, in connections and in AI.

Advantages and disadvantages of home-office Companies were forced to operate 100% in a home-office regime. For some this was easier and had good results, while for others remote work is rather tedious and negative. All agreed, however, that the key is to find the right balance between working from home and going to the office. There are some aspects of our work where going to the office is necessary, such as team-building, where personal contact is extremely important. A possible solution for the future post-pandemic could be to have a co-working space for each employee to decide whether they need to go or not. The challenge is not the technology, but a change of mentality.


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