Grab-a-bite Information Technology and Emergency Management

June 10th, 2pm CEST Moderated by Sophia Karakeva, CMO at DataScouting, FIBEP Vice President

Attendees: 1. Dominique Baldassare, Argus Data Insights Deutschland GmbH, Germany 2. Stavros Doropoulos, DataScouting, Greece 3. Yifaa Metzgev, Ifat, Israel 4. Gabby Begas, Ifat, Israel 5. Michelle Harold, Ninestars, Spain 6. Mohan Dashi, Ninestars, India 7. Florian Laszlo, Observer GmbH, Austria 8. Dallas Goldswain, Ornico Group, South Africa 9. Chris van Heerden, Ornico Group, South Africa 10. Johannes Bruk, Pressreader, Canada

Grab-a-Bite is a new format of online meetings intended for FIBEP members. The new FIBEP concept has been designed to bring the entire FIBEP community together and enable sharing experience in these uneasy times. The coronavirus has decided to put us all into unprecedented situations and has prevented us from meeting in person. Grab-a-Bite is part of FIBEPShares initiative and helps bridge the gap during these difficult times.

The fourth Grab-a-Bite was dedicate to Information Technology and Emergency Management and was moderated by Sophia Karakeva, Communications and Marketing Executive at DataScouting and FIBEP Vice President. The event attracted 10 people from different continents. We were happy to see members from across Europe, Canada, India and South Africa.

Key takeaways from the 4th Grab-a-Bite

Infrastructure and work from home part of B2C plan No B2C (business to consumer) plan could prepare you for a crisis like COVID-19, especially with severe lockdown measures. A lot of infrastructure had to be put into place in order to get people to work in a totally different way and keep them happy in order to perform and deliver so as to maintain productivity.

Innovation must happen now The key is that in times with such challenges you either need to innovate or find an innovation somebody else has done in this time. You cannot wait for it. You cannot say I will do it after a year or so. What needs to happen now, must happen now.

Security should be a priority The most common is VPN, which is not recommended due to security problems. Another option is RVS desktop controlling, which solves situations where technologies are developed by third suppliers. Remote apps on devices worked the best as they help overcome security issues when working from home with your own equipment.

Converting into fully remote Things are changing. COVID-19 has helped fix things that were broken. Working remotely is no longer a nice to have feature, it is a necessity. The entire media monitoring workflow should be 100% remote enabled. It enables teams to be more productive, while clients appreciate the more flexible support.

Back to routine...with home office growing in relevance Initially it was the case of how do we shift from the office to remote working, but now people are looking in a different way of moving forward. Is this going to be the new normal way of working? Even though we are getting back to our routines, most companies have the majority of their staff still working from home and just a portion of them has moved back to the office. It is a win-win situation for both.

Working from home boosts productivity but how measurable is that? COVID-19 has given a push to people working from home, because they can schedule their own working hours, be more comfortable and flexible. There was an argument though, that only for certain roles can productivity really be measured. So, in the long term, working from home could be effective, but only in the form of projects that have a certain deadline or with responsibilities that can be measured.

Copyright a problem more than ever Germany already had a very restrictive copyright environment before COVID-19, but the lockdown made it an even bigger obstacle. There is no digital workflow in Germany and not being able to deliver content to clients (postal services were closed) MMOs realized that they need to try something new to deal with the situation.

Media industry is badly hit

The media industry has been cut by half. Publishers are struggling and obviously they need to adjust their model, even faster than they thought. They still want to offer their publications but they want to do it in a digital version. From a media monitoring perspective, there has been a slowdown of business as the amount of client relevant content went down.

The Grab-a-Bite events take place every two weeks and are moderated by members of the FIBEP Board. FIBEP is happy to invite FIBEP members to the next event, focused on Value Selling in Our Industry: How and Why on July 15th at 2pm CEST and moderated by Thomas Vejlemand, CEO of Infomedia and FIBEP Vice President.

For more details, please follow FIBEP website, or social media channels, or contact the FIBEP Secretariat.

By Sophia Karakeva, Communications and Marketing Executive at DataScouting, FIBEP Vice President


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