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“Watch out for developers out of the cage!” FIBEP TechDay 2019

Last week was an amazing inspiration boost for new standards, products and technologies in Prague. Starting with AMEC’s Summit and ending with FIBEP’s 2nd Tech Day, which follow Vienna’s MITT 2016 edition.

FIBEP, the world’s largest association for media intelligence and communications insight, hosted jointly with NewtonMedia, a dedicated Tech Workshop for tech savvy CEOs, CIOs and CTOs.

A wide range of topics were discussed such as data transmission standards between media intelligence companies, the new role of social media as a business platform and the relevance of choosing the right tech partner to boost efficiency, and why not, profitability. Several technologies were showcased too, from AI-powered print production software, going through logo and ads recognition systems, face recognition software and tools for broadcast monitoring. And not to forget, collaborative AI-media monitoring engines coming as a result of EU-Research projects.

Standards and Legacy Systems

While, automated AI-based segmentation tools for clipping, searching and distribution of newspaper and magazines, were presented by MediaTrack, the Singapore based content tech specialist, DataScouting, the Greek expert in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Zissor AS, the Norwegian company that recently became a part of the Novian Group INVL Technology.

A refreshing presentation came from Florian Grabner-Zebedin, Senior Software Engineet at >>OBSERVER<< GmbH Austria. He pointed out 4 key aspects to build a strong technological foundation for a data driven world.

a) Legacy Systems: Focus on future proofing and sustainability b) Knowhow and resources: Invest into professionals who will adapt your legacy systems accordingly c) Standards: Own, improve and develop the current standard to maximise your workflows d) Communication: Participate in networking communities and actively share challenges and learnings.

Furthermore he called out for action, asking media intelligence specialist to implement standards for data transmission – an initiative supported by FIBEP.

Social Media and Technological externalisation

The afternoon program kicked off with a social media workshop lead by Florian Lazlo on behalf of Talkwalker and Kasper Hülsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Informedia A/S.

Social Media evolved, and became a relevant business platform, be it for recruiting and human resources, Customer Service and Customer Success or even Sales.

Kasper highlighted the relevance of finding the right technological partners in order to succeed when providing clients with a Social Media Tool Box. A need that extends itself across the complete workflow of a media intelligence organization. Such was the case of Kliping Slovenia (Newton Media Group), Sebastjan Hribar, Deputy CEO at Kliping offered an inspiring presentation on this regard, sharing the company’s journey towards technological externalisation.

AI-Powered tools and more to come

To finalize an exciting day, where specialist from across the globe gathered to push the industry forward, a newcomer to the FIBEP events, Priberam Portugal, introduced the results of an Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation project. In collaboration with the Deutsche Welle and the BBC, Priberam developed a platform capable of dealing with large volumes of data across many languages and different media types. The highlights of the AI powered platform include

a) Automated analysis of media streams across various languages. b) Automated data clustering c) Automated e-mail delivery of multilingual clustered data, summarized in the user specific language.

In our opinion FIBEP’s TechDay remains a great platform to bring technology specialist and media intelligence companies together. We look forward to the 2020 edition!

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Romina Gersuni

Global Strategy Managerin bei pressrelations software business division “iCon”

Romina Gersuni, Global Strategy Manager at pressrelations GmbH, has more than twelve years of experience in the media intelligence industry. Since 2013 she has been part of pressrelations, where she consolidated the company’s software business division. Romina is responsible for improving strategies, products, and partnerships as well as for commercializing pressrelations’ services and software solutions.


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