REBOLD is born, the new global communications & digital marketing firm of ISP

Part of the group of companies owned by the Rodés family, with more than 1,000 clients and 700 professionals is leader in Spain and Latin América

REBOLD is the result of the merger between Acceso and Digilant, with a growth in billing superior to 30% in 2018 and is based in Madrid and Boston

Madrid, February 19, 2019.- Acceso, leader in media and consumer intelligence in Spain and Latin America, and Digilant, who provides programmatic solutions and services using data science, have merged. The result is REBOLD (letsrebold.com), the new communicationss and marketing firm that was born with the aim of satisfying the new needs of the current clients, in a changing digital ecosystem. In the world we live in, there is a lot of information in the form of data, which can be and should be managed, this will allow to do a much more refined and strategic marketing and communications and will also optimize resources. REBOLD has the equipment, the methodology, the technologies and, what is essential the mind-set, to lead the market in data driven advertising solutions.

The data and disciplines aggregation are in the essence of integration. REBOLD covers the entire spectrum of marketing and communication based on data analysis, by listening to media and consumers, consulting through strategic analysis and implementing solutions through the activation of campaigns. The company brings transparency and simplicity to a complex reality and as the name indicates, through a brave and bold proposal to the sector and to clients.

REBOLD is made up of more than 350 professionals: 150 between its offices of Barcelona and Madrid, to which we add 200 more between Colombia, Chile, the United States, Mexico, Panama and Peru. The company is headed by GlobalJuan Camilo Bonilla – who came from Digilant and Accenture Interactive before - as the global CEO of REBOLD. REBOLD is part of ISP, whose Executive President is Fernando Rodés and whose CEO is David Rodés. REBOLD is headquartered in Madrid and Boston and works with 25 IBEX35 clients, as well as major US brands.

ISP, owned by the Rodés family, is made up of REBOLD and three other companies, each of which is a pioneer in their respective fields in Spain: Antevenio, performance, brand marketing, and technology company, In Store Media, shopper marketing agency and Criteria, company that operates in loyalty retail. The companies that make up ISP are distinguished by their transforming capacity with data science applied to marketing and communication and their international vision.

REBOLD, with a turnover of € 70M and an integration that in fact is effective from the first quarter of 2018, is growing at a rate of over 30%. The business plan includes as a first objective the growth in capacities and the consolidation in the existing markets, to focus from 2020, on the expansion to strategic markets such as European countries and Asia where it does not have yet a presence.

Juan Camilo Bonilla, the new CEO, remarks: "REBOLD reaches the market with a breakthrough value proposition, both in terms of services and in our approach to brands. Through our own methodology, a sophisticated technological capacity and an exceptional team of professionals, we are able to connect brands with their consumers. We offer intelligence about your audiences, about the competitors and about the sector; data-based consulting; and a transparent activation, to achieve the objectives established by the client. We are going to revolutionize the marketing and communications market. "

With this merger, ISP reinforces its vocation to become a reference group in digital communication and marketing worldwide, offering technological marketing services and integral and innovative solutions to brands. Regarding this, Fernando Rodés, Executive President of the group, said: "In our group we have always been ahead in marketing and communications trends. This is what we are doing again, with REBOLD. I dare say that no other company knows consumers like we do. In these times of deep transformation in which the power of the communication chain no longer falls on the brands but, on the citizens, we are able to help our clients to build and maintain meaningful conversations with their audience, and to establish links that go beyond a commercial relationship. REBOLD is called to be a reference actor in this transformation, a new reality that is already here ".

The global billing of ISP reached in 2018 of more than 180 € M, adding more than 720 professionals and 1000 clients. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​ISP has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States, the Philippines, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

About Acceso and Digilant

Acceso has been a reference company in the media and consumer intelligence market in Spain and Latin America. Its mission has been to help brands connect with consumers through listening and analysis, to which it provides a disruptive combination of technology, methodology and experience in Big Data and Data Science services. Acceso translated data into business decisions, acting as a strategic partner for its customers, he also accompanied them in their digital transformation. Born in Barcelona in 1987, it had a portfolio of more than 800 clients, operations in six countries (Colombia, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama and Peru); and agreements with the main media analysis and monitoring companies in 50 other countries. In Spain, 26 of the 35 companies of the selective IBEX were among its customers, as well as public administrations, NGOs and the main agencies.

Digilant, company specialized in programmatic media purchasing and data management, worked with brands that wanted to bet on intelligent data management to discover and activate new users, new channels, new behaviours and new ways for activating their consumers. The technology and data science methodologies that the company possessed, allowed advertisers to discover new customers by analysing complex audience data and their users. This information provided intelligence and exclusive knowledge, operable through all media channels.

About ISP

ISP is a group of marketing companies based on proprietary technology, which helps brands to create and maintain links with their communities, generating relevant, personalized and in real time dialogs. It is formed by Rebold, Anagram, Antevenio, InStore Media & Criteria Loyalty. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​ISP has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States, the Philippines, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. ISP is a holding company of the Rodés family.


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