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The trending topics in january 2019

The trending topics in January 2019

BE – Political issues remain on top of the Belgian media agenda in January 2019, but become less important than in December when the resignation of the Federal Government was a hot topic. Sports are also an important topic in the Belgian media. Companies and consumers are becoming more important than in December, just like culture.

NL – Sports are most mediatised in The Netherlands in January 2019 and become even more important than in December. Political issues also mark the news in January. Ecology is a top trend in The Netherlands with 6% of the media interest. Economic and mobility issues are also important with respectively 5% in the Dutch media agenda.

Different trends in the media agenda in Belgium and The Netherlands (during January 2019)

BE – During this month of January 2019, the Belgian media emphasise more issues related to politics, Europe and migration issues, employment, culture and economy issues than the Dutch media. This is exactly the same trend than in December.

NL – On the other hand, during this month of January 2019, issues related to housing and ecology were largely more covered in the Dutch media than in the Belgian media. The same applies for transport and mobility issues, technologies, sports, housing and health and food issues.

NL and BE Trends: Positive evolution of top topics (January 2019)

NL – In January 2019, the top five issues gaining media exposure in the Dutch media are (1) security and justice, (2) population and association, (3) health and alimentation, (4) media and (5) employment.

BE – In January 2019, the top five issues gaining media exposure in the Belgian media are (1) technologies, (2) companies and consumers, (3) security and justice, (4) media and (5) transport.

NL/BE Comparison – Belgium and the Netherlands share upward trends in security and justice, companies and consumers, media, transport and population and association.

11 themes are different between Belgium and the Netherlands with for example: (1) Economy (increasing in the Belgian media, decreasing in the Dutch media), (2) housing (rising in the Belgian media), (3) technologies (rising in the Belgian media) and (4) health (rising in the Dutch media).

For the top 10 of the most mentioned brands in the Belgian and Dutch media, 3 brands out of 10 are found on both sides of the ranking.

1.Facebook is present in the Belgian and Dutch top 10. The brand is 1st in the Belgian and 2nd in the Dutch media. Different topics were present like privacy issues and the integration of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

2.Apple is present in the Belgian and Dutch top 10. The brand is 3rd for the Belgian media and 4th in the Dutch media (privacy issues, development of own video streaming service).

3.Google is present in the Belgian and Dutch top 10. The brand is 7th for the Belgian media and 7th in the Dutch media (GDPR) .

4.Shell Oil Company (10) is exclusively present in the Dutch top 10 due to coverage on a possible take-over of Eneco and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

5.In the Belgian media, Proximus is very present due to the announcement of job losses. VTM also appears in the top with the celebrations of 30 years VTM. Renault appears this month due to the arrest of CEO Carlos Ghosn on suspicion of fraud.

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