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When an episode of the Game of Thrones was hacked and hit the Internet months before it was aired, making it one of the biggest hacks, viewers were immensely pleased; but the production team had to film multiple endings to their latest episode to defend themselves against such hacks. Though technical advancement has enabled better content production, it has also enabled hackers take advantage of technology improvements. With data breaches such as these threatening the security system in organizations, an effective security risk structure is critical to protect important data and information. Defined as ‘Data about data’, Metadata adds information to data making it possible to automatically process and to effectively find, categorize, share and reuse among other things. Not only does it extend data longevity, but also is essential in maintaining historical records of long-term datasets, making up for inconsistencies that can occur in documenting data, personnel and methods. When it comes to addressing data reuse and sharing, Metadata is the key to ensure that highly detailed and complicated data is easily interpreted, analyzed, and processed by the data’s originator and others. When comprehensive metadata is developed and maintained, it counters typical data entropy and data degradation. In the era of digitalization, metadata has become an integral part of information that can make organizing, finding, understanding and working with instances of data easier. Metadata in itself has been in our society for a very long time, and is not just a digital concept. Libraries, for instance, have been classifying books using metadata according to author name, date, and genre for ages. Most professionals know metadata contains sensitive information about documents hidden from obvious view, but can easily be extracted if proper tools are used. After populating the repository with content, it is important to make sure that it is secure, failing which, sensitive information can go outside the organization and challenge the company’s security policy. Being a part of Media and Broadcast industry more than a decade, Digital Nirvana caters to content metadata. Content metadata, mostly focused on scripted narratives, revolve around scenes and shots, and Digital Nirvana can generate content metadata along with automated transcripts and locators, which further helps create closed captions for video assets. To address the security of metadata for AVID users, Digital Nirvana’s software application, Metadator, helps extract content from AVID MAM infrastructure and generate metadata for AVID based assets. The secure workflow of this application ensures metadata safety and secure workflow monitoring.

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