TUESDAY - November 17th

(FIBEP members only)

2pm CET

FIBEP General Assembly

4pm CET 

Fundamental right to information: Our future?

Sylvain Justier - Magenta Law Firm 

Florence Gaullier - Vercken and Gaullier Law Firm

Moderated by Christophe Dickés - VP, FIBEP | Global Copyright Director, Kantar Europe

In the professional Spanish newsletter El Confidential (September 2020), Raquel Xaklabarder Plantada, professor in Intellectual property in Spain wrote: “Aggregation services and search engines play a fundamental role in citizens' access to information. However, knowing that any exclusive right (the power to authorize and prohibit) tends to maximize profit, the granting of exclusive licenses to certain platforms or services (and the prohibition of others) does not seem an unlikely scenario, with the consequent impact that this would have on the fundamental right to information.” Actually, the crisis that we are going through leads publishers to be more demanding in terms of price, which raises the central question: are we in a commercial relationship or simply in a legal relationship of copyright payment? To help us to face this challenge, Sylvain Justier from Magenta law firm will present the legal study he made on exclusive deals and right to access to the news for FIBEP members. In a second part, Florence Gaullier (Vercken and Gaullier law firm) will present the issue of the analysis: while the EU copyright directive will be transposed before June in 2021, do we have to pay copyright when we provide analysis services?

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5pm CET

ICCO Report 

Rob Morbin - Deputy Chief Executive, ICCO

Moderated by Oresti Patricios - VP, FIBEP | CEO, Ornico Group

WEDNESDAY - November 18th

2pm CET

Don't waste this crisis: The mental health and wellbeing opportunities for 2020 and beyond 

Amy McKeown, Strategic health, mental health and wellbeing consultant

Tom Oxley, Bamboo Mental Health

Moderated by Sophia Karakeva - VP, FIBEP | Communications and Marketing Executive, DataScouting


Amy and Tom are experienced UK mental health and wellbeing strategists. Their engaging session will give insight and intelligence on health and wellbeing during – and after the covid crisis. They’ll encourage you to point your intelligence tools at your own organization (and its natural pressures!) as you lead into the new:

· Mental Health and Wellbeing in 2020: why improved wellbeing creates better engagement, loyalty and performance;

· What we’re learning during Covid: long-term lockdown effects including the psychological impact on home, families, women and leaders;

· Post crisis wellbeing: creating a new health agenda, adapting your business and leading into the new.


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3pm CET

Technology for the news ecosystem in the shadows of Infodemic

Moderated by Romina Gersuni - VP, FIBEP | Global Strategy Manager, pressrelations

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4pm CET
Super Networking Session

Sponsored by GlobalNews Group 

THURSDAY​ - November 19th

2pm CET

Best Practices

Moderated by Gabby Begas - VP, FIBEP | CEO, Ifat

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3pm CET

The real problem is not fake news. It's news.

How can constructive journalism save media and democracy?

Ulrik Haagerup - Founder & CEO, Constructive Institute 

Moderated by Thomas Vejlemand - Vice President, FIBEP | CEO, Infomedia

Sponsored by Opoint Technology

4pm CET
Networking & fun closing activity

Join FIBEP in small teams to celebrate and unwind as the 2020 congress comes to an end.

Grab your drink, get comfortable, and work together in order to enjoy a special activity to look back on our shared history and have some fun in the meantime.

Sponsored by Ninestars

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