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PO Box 428, 0158 Oslo

Phone: (+47) 21 56 9750

Contact FIBEP:
Jon Anders Tangnes, COO

Kristiina Öis, International Project Manager

Business Activities:

Opoint was founded in 1996. Since then the company has continually focused on developing advanced searching and filtering technology for monitoring online news.  Opoint’s unique technology has made it possible for the company to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of web content and technological solutions to other media monitoring companies. Opoint currently delivers content and monitoring solutions to more than 60 other media monitoring companies in Europe, Russia, USA, Australia, New Zealand and India. We have scaled the system to the extent that we currently cover 145.000 sources and find 2,8 million news articles every day. When it comes to volume, we offer the most comprehensive coverage in the world.

In April 2016, the Finnish media intelligence corporation M-Brain bought Opoint, and Opoint is now a part of the M-Brain group. To read more about M-Brain, go here: