Founded in 1953 in Paris, the FIBEP Secretariat is now based in Vienna, Austria.

FIBEP is the world’s media intelligence federation with over 100 corporate members employing over 13,857 people in 60 countries. The federation and its members are focused on providing globally-driven, enterprise-scale solutions in the fields of PR distribution, journalist databases, media monitoring, media analysis, as well as consulting services and SaaS platforms.

History of FIBEP

The Press-Clipping Industry

The press clipping service industry emerged at the end of the XIX century and was based on the reading and dissemination of news, published by the newspapers of the time. The service was used by government institutions and important companies and individuals.

The methods used were as follows: newspapers were read and all relevant news identified. Articles were then cut out with scissors and sent to clients indicating of the source and date of the relevant news. Often, the newspaper’s headline was also sent. Later, scalpels replaced scissors, and cuttings were pasted onto a sheet of paper.  The emergence of the photocopier transformed the process, as it allowed production speed to increase dramatically and reduced costs.

Finally, the digital era completely revolutionised the industry by replacing paper with web platforms, which allowed for more sophisticated management of information published in print, digital and audio-visual media.

The Founding of FIBEP

In 1953, FIBEP (Fédération Internationale des Bureaux D’Extraits de Presse) was founded in Paris. Comprised of some of the most significant press clipping companies on a global level, the association strives to enhance relationships between its members by the exchange of knowledge, values and ethical behaviour.

Presently, FIBEP includes companies from around the world and represents a permanent discussion forum for the industry, while also promoting proximity relationships between members and other bodies and media owners. It is a significant asset for this market.

Evolving Industry

In its more than 100 years of existence, the evolution of media monitoring has been accompanied by substantial change to its methods and practices. The raw material information provided by press clippings has allowed members to develop qualitative and quantitative analyses of media coverage and has enabled them to develop sponsorship analysis, broadcast monitoring and analysis, media lists and directories. These and other value-added services have become indispensable in the press management of any modern company.

The advent of the Internet and World Wide Web has radically changed the services FIBEP Members offer their clients.  These tools have changed the relationship between media owners who now require additional controls over how their publication and broadcast content is used, which in some countries, enables them to compete directly. FIBEP encourages its members to foster good relationships between media owners and looks to them to acknowledge the valuable contribution members make to the PR and communications industry. In general, FIBEP looks to media owners to ensure a level playing field exists to promote fair competition for the benefit of clients.

The future of this industry lies in value-added services such as highly specialised qualitative analyses combined with press research and directories. These services offer the best client perspective of the market and superior analysis of trends in the media.

From its foundation in 1953 until 1970, FIBEP Congresses were held annually. They now take place every 18 months.

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