What is FIBEP?

FIBEP is a non-profit global trade body, established in 1953, representing companies that provide media monitoring, measurement and analysis services or technical solutions.

How is FIBEP governed?

Executive Committee

FIBEP is governed by an Executive Committee made up of one President, seven Vice-Presidents and one Secretary General Each Executive Committee member serves for a specific period, in which they are replaced by either a lower ranking member of the Executive Committee, or an elected FIBEP Member.

General Assembly

A CEO/Owner level representative from each FIBEP (full) member company will be given a single vote at the General Assembly. The General Assembly meeting takes place at the FIBEP congress, every 12 months. Provisional Members and Associate Members are not given a vote at the General Assembly.

FIBEP now also has seven active portfolios which are headed up by the Vice Presidents – click here for more information regarding the FIBEP portfolios.

What does FIBEP do?

FIBEP acts as a networking and trade platform for Media Monitoring professionals. Its activities include

  • A congress every 12 months. One internationally and another within Europe.
  • Workshops addressing current industry matters
  • Exclusive access to the Member List and protected areas of the FIBEP website
  • Access to the FIBEP Trading Section – an interactive database that enables a detailed cross-search to promote inter-industry trade between members
  • Copyright Lobbying
  • Professional Development Programs
    • Webinars
    • Workshops


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